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CN-103545788-A: System for conducting accurate current control by means of digital-display ampere meter patent, CN-103546903-A: 一种手持设备wifi测试方法及装置 patent, CN-1035481-A: 用于处理原水的方法和设备 patent, CN-103552116-A: Automatic detection mechanism patent, CN-103556581-A: 警示减速带 patent, CN-103557660-A: Multipurpose refrigerator dust cover patent, CN-103558746-A: Induction type imaging device and control method thereof patent, CN-103564784-A: 带有腰带的抗油污织物短袖 patent, CN-103566060-A: 一种治疗妇科炎症的中药灌肠药剂 patent, CN-103568376-A: 一种瓦楞辊 patent, CN-1035688-A: Electrotyping of bronze statue patent, CN-103571355-A: Adhesive material laminating body and winding body thereof patent, CN-103571748-A: Microbial electrochemical system for continuous culture, sampling and real-time detection patent, CN-103574948-A: Solar selective absorbing coating patent, CN-103585090-A: 一种电解质均衡乳液 patent, CN-103587629-A: 新型自行车车把 patent, CN-103590654-A: 用于转动式自动门的双向手柄 patent, CN-103591444-A: 一种插入紧固型钢格板 patent, CN-103594641-A: Organic electroluminescent device and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103598239-A: Pesticide for controlling rice leaf miner patent, CN-103602532-A: Perfumed soap having function of skin health care and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103607420-A: Safe electronic medical system for cloud storage patent, CN-103608811-A: Context aware application model for connected devices patent, CN-103608950-A: 非水电解质蓄电装置用隔膜、非水电解质蓄电装置和它们的制造方法 patent, CN-103612910-A: Food cooling and conveying device patent, CN-103614188-A: 一种新型高渗透性切削液 patent, CN-103616545-A: 多功能低压测试仪表 patent, CN-103617187-A: Method and device for reusing and representing attributes of data of relationships patent, CN-103617445-A: 一种壳体uhf-rfid电子标签 patent, CN-103620621-A: 用于利用积分梯度投影的面部跟踪的方法和装置 patent, CN-103623604-A: Impact-resistant device of flash evaporator patent, CN-103624495-A: Piston rod machining method patent, CN-103625584-A: 仿汽车式电动助力三轮自行车 patent, CN-103628765-A: 一种大棚门窗减震装置 patent, CN-103629606-A: Ceiling lamp with fan patent, CN-103635471-A: 有机电致发光元件用材料及使用了它的有机电致发光元件 patent, CN-103641589-A: Fertilizer special for corn and production method thereof patent, CN-103643545-A: 牛仔布的印染工艺 patent, CN-103646096-A: 一种通过用户配置生成子查询的方法与装置 patent, CN-103647617-A: Method for transmitting data via an E-DCH implemented in a WTRU, and WTRU patent, CN-103648104-A: Method for solving problem of blind base station operation conflicting with protected service through inquiring database patent, CN-103648159-A: Position location using multiple carriers patent, CN-1036491-A: Processing sub-sampled signals patent, CN-103651572-A: Special-effect compound weeding mildew preventive for Laoshan tea patent, CN-103652333-A: 一种保健营养宠物饲料 patent, CN-103653905-A: 靠背角度可调节的躺椅 patent, CN-1036539-A: 用玻璃纸和微孔膜制成的可透水分的可控气氛包装容器 patent, CN-103654543-A: 充气式便携盆 patent, CN-103658373-A: 一种智能模具 patent, CN-103658729-A: Rapid center hole drilling device patent, CN-103659698-A: 一种带led灯的螺丝刀 patent, CN-1036632-A: Heat accumulator with spiral extending pipe during welting patent, CN-103665813-A: 一种耐候聚碳酸酯塑料 patent, CN-103668574-A: Feed system for textile processing machine patent, CN-103672381-A: Modified steam trap patent, CN-1036748-A: Portable water purifying devices patent, CN-103676135-A: 波长可变干涉滤波器及其制造方法、光模块及电子设备 patent, CN-103676696-A: 一种智能控制器 patent, CN-103677892-A: 在安全电子控制单元中启用特殊优先模式的授权方案 patent, CN-103681043-A: 触控电路 patent, CN-103681634-A: Connecting element for electrically conducting connection of first power electronics device with second power electronics device patent, CN-103683148-A: 电缆接线箱 patent, CN-103685854-A: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program patent, CN-103688561-A: License management device, license management system, license management method, and program patent, CN-103692161-A: Fast machining method for brake main cylinder patent, CN-103696078-A: Anti-static shell fabric cloth patent, CN-103699054-A: 工业直线运动机构的快速精确预测定位方法及定位系统 patent, CN-103699450-A: 一种Linux下的自适应组件间通信方法 patent, CN-103699655-A: Method and device for internationalizing databases and method and system for converting data patent, CN-103700667-A: Pixel array structure and production method thereof as well as array substrate and display device patent, CN-103700766-A: Inverted polymer solar cell and manufacture method thereof patent, CN-103702181-A: 一种视频图像的处理方法和装置 patent, CN-103702301-A: 一种针对网间短信业务的实时感控系统 patent, CN-103704948-A: 装饰钮扣 patent, CN-1037059-A: 代码-脉冲持续时间转换器 patent, EP-2314842-B1: Flap valve for an exhaust gas turbo charger patent, CN-103706373-A: 一种低温高活性甲烷化催化剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103707536-A: Model core conveying trolley patent, CN-103718827-A: 打孔锤 patent, CN-103719884-A: 裹粉羊肉 patent, CN-103720235-A: Waist pad used for sleeping patent, CN-103720287-A: 一种可观察液量的杯子 patent, CN-103729336-A: 一种dae系统的指标约简方法 patent, CN-103730486-A: Lateral PNP power transistor patent, CN-103733196-A: Method and apparatus for enabling a searchable history of real-world user experiences patent, CN-103738662-A: Device for packaging and conveying freshness protection packages in roll patent, CN-103740607-A: 一种摩加夫芽胞杆菌及微生物菌剂和它们的应用 patent, CN-103742259-A: 门阀转子发动机 patent, CN-103747341-A: 一种电视节目属性更新方法以及电视节目属性更新装置 patent, CN-103757333-A: Leaching method of nickel cobalt lithium manganate waste battery positive-negative electrode mixed material patent, CN-103761307-A: Data processing device and data processing method patent, CN-103761818-A: 一种开门报警器 patent, CN-103767936-A: 一种中药三七蛋白调理香波 patent, CN-103768426-A: 一种治疗鼻炎的中药 patent, CN-103768981-A: Automatic grain stirring device patent, CN-103771333-A: 用于制造用于mems构件的罩的方法和具有这样的罩的混合集成部件 patent, CN-1037722-A: New preparing technique of phthalocyanine blue patent, CN-103775768-A: 一种旋转接头 patent, CN-103780379-A: Password encryption method and system, and cryptographic check method and system patent, CN-103781216-A: Intelligent lamp for warehouse patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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